Convection Countertop Oven Benefits and Popular Choices

popular convection oven options

If you are tired of how an unhealthy diet makes you feel and are looking for ways to turn it all around, then cooking homemade meals may be the answer you are looking for. A recent study suggests that there may be a link between cooking your own food and natural weight loss. You may tend to eat fewer calories when you prepare your own meals. You also will use healthful ingredients that are better for you.

While that also sounds logical and good, who has the time to cook for themselves or their family every night when putting in 40 hours a week at work. This is where finding ways to reduce the time and labor needed to fix your favorite recipes can go a long way to make new eating habits stick. This is one of the major appeals of getting a convection toaster oven for the kitchen.

A conventional countertop oven has many advantages on its own. They are simple to clean, easy to use, take less time to preheat, and they are a lot more energy efficient. Toaster ovens that have convection capabilities have the added benefit of reducing cook times, using lower cooking temperatures, and reducing the overall hassle involved with preparing meals, all while giving you wonderful tasting results. If you are going to truly make a change to your diet then having the right tools can play a major role in helping you achieve your goals. A convection oven is one such appliance that can have you eating healthy again in no time.

Top Convection Toaster Oven Options

Now that you know why one of these belongs on your kitchen counter, it is time to find one that will be perfect for what you need. Now keep in mind that while toaster ovens are generally more affordable, ones with convection cooking capability will be end up costing you more. Some of the brand names you should be familiar with as they have a great reputation for making high quality small kitchen appliances.


They may be best known for their food processors, but Cuisinart has a terrific line of countertop ovens. Their TOB-260 is a newer model that is packed with features that make it one of the best small ovens that you can buy. It has two different convection settings. One can be used with any of the preset functions, and one they call “Speed Convection” which lets you skip preheating the oven and get straight to cooking your food. It takes a lot of the confusion of finding the right temperature and time settings by coming with 11 preset configurations. From baking to roasting and everything in between, there is a setting for it.

On top of that, everything is displayed on a futuristic LCD screen and the controls are extremely easy to use and are very intuitive. It is a modern looking oven that gets high marks from users for its performance as a convection oven. It also does toast pretty well too.


This company has a top notch reputation as the maker of some of the most advanced appliances that you can get for your kitchen. Their line of “Smart” toaster ovens contain several models with convection cooking features. While the BOV845BSS is currently rated as the best oven it does come with a premium price tag. For a robust option this probably going to be your best choice.

These are built with quartz heating elements that are quick to preheat. They also adjust automatically the temperature and time depending on what type of food you are preparing. This is why they are called “smart” ovens. The build and design of these machines are second to none which is why they are also some of the most expensive toaster ovens on the market. However, their scores and recommendation marks from owners signify that they are well worth the investment.


This is another manufacturer with that is renowned for their kitchen appliances. They also make some find convection ovens at a slightly lower price point than Breville. The KCO273SS, for example, has many of the features as their competitors as well as a modern finish. If your kitchen is your pride and joy of your home, this oven should fit right in. This too is a fully functional oven designed to handle a lot more than just toast. It can handle any recipe and is big enough to cook whole chickens and casseroles.

Putting Your Oven To Use

Any of the convection options list above will let you take better control of your diet and cook some amazing meals for you and your family. Once you get one of these to take its rightful place on your kitchen counter you can begin to experiment with the countless convection oven recipes available online. This is half of the fun and hopefully it will help you from getting bored as you try and turn our years of bad eating habits. If you are able to make it a routine and something that you look forward to doing, cooking your own meals instead of ordering out can have life long benefits.